Remember when, as children, we would spend entire days playing outside, exploring and using our imaginations and creativity to make our own discoveries. Would you like to see children living with more balance between technology and nature? T-Rexplorers was created to do just that! Our programs encourage children to recapture their adventurous spirit and to reconnect with the natural world. Using our “Walk the earth; see what you’ll find” child friendly philosophy, children can make their own classroom discoveries and then find a topic to be impassioned about. T-Rexplorers programs are fun, engaging and educational!

So in true T-Rexplorers fashion, we invite you to explore this website, sink your teeth into it's content and contact us if you have any questions. We encourage you to break from the traditional birthday party, and have us out for a Dino party or schedule us for a Dino Discovery program at your school, library, day care center, scouting event or park district recreation center.


Oh... and just so you know, my friend Bones here is at the bottom of each page of the site. Click on him to return to the home page.  


Here is a short video from our trip to Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

and here is a short video featuring Walter Stein from Paleoadventures.

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