Break away from the traditional party plan and watch children get excited about the treasures found in nature as they handle authentic dinosaur fossils, play dinosaur games and become T-Rexplorers.  Indoors or outdoors this party is a hit with the kids. Both boys and girls love the T-Rexplorers Birthday Party!

Parties include a 60 minute program with hands on interaction with dinosaur fossils.  This can be followed up with 30-60 minutes of other interactive activities which you can choose and customize to meet your liking. Additional activities include dinosaur games, crafts, and storytelling.

We are also happy to put together dinosaur goody bags and can arrange for your child to have a dinosaur cake!

We can accommodate parties of 5-30 kids.  All parties will be age appropriate to make your child's birthday one they won't forget!  Call us today for information and pricing.



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