T-Rexplorers Dinosaur Discover Programs are customized for different age groups and they offer the flexibility to exceed the specific needs of your group. All programs are hands on, allowing children the opportunity to handle and examine authentic dinosaur fossils. Our standard programs are offered in the following formats:

Daycare (4 years old and older): 60 minute programs.

Schools: 45-90 minute programs for Pre-K through 8th grade. Sessions can run back to back for larger school initiatives.  All programs will be aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Science (when published) and/or the Illinois Early Learning Standards.

Libraries: 60 minute programs.

Scout Troops: 60 minute programs.

Park Districts:  60 minute single or multi-day sessions.

Here are photos of T-Rexplorers helping a Brownie Troop earn Dinosaur Badges and of a great visit to a daycare center.


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